【On air from 20:00 on 12/13 (Mon.)】Hayato Onozuka's guest appearance in TV TOKYO Getsuyou Premiere8 "Saikoyou Keisatsukan 3"!

Hayato Onozuka makes a guest appearance in TV TOKYO Getsuyou Premiere8 "Saikoyou Keisatsukan 3"
which will be aired from 20:00 to 21:54 on 12/13 (Mon.)!

It is a thrilling mystery drama starring Hideki Takahashi which depicts how a police officer who is rehired after retirement uses his detective instincts and relationship networks to address difficult cases.

Hayato Onozuka plays a bank worker called Takaaki Kusakabe!

As the 3rd work of the mystery drama in "An Era of a 100-Year Lifetime", it depicts how a rehired police officer uses his detective's instincts and relationship networks to address difficult cases.
A trap hidden in his new start... A perfect crime where the murderer kills his wife and gets 2 billion inheritance!
There is a huge reverse in the end and the real murderer will shock everyone!?

Be sure to check it out!

Not caring about his ambiguous identity and promotion opportunity, the hired police officer Ajikawa try to address difficult cases with his cultivated detective instincts and relationship networks!
Nobushige Ajigawa (played by Hideki Takahashi) who has retired is working as a rehired police officer for the information processing team in the Life Safety Department of the Kanagawa Prefectural Police Station. His major job is to identify that people got lost because of themselves or others.
He has another two colleagues in the department, team leader Takayuki Shiba (played by Ken Ishiguro) who is demoted from the prefectural police station and Yoshimi Shingetsu (played by Yuika Motokariya). Their main job is to input lists of missing people into data at a former warehouse. It is a negligible department.
One day at a coffee shop, Yoshimi encounters Anri Sawaki (played by Konatsu Kato) whom she has known from her school days.
She is happy to see Anri again after six years. But Nijihiko Kashihara (played by Yu Kamio) whom Anri dates always shows up with a smile even though his wife is missing and the case has been reported to the police. Yoshimi feels confused about this.
Soon after that, the body of Kashihara's wife Michiyo (played by Rie Tanaka) is found in Tanzawa. The police assume that she died in an accident. But Ajigawa and Yoshimi find several incredible facts, such as the estimated time of death is almost the same as the time when the case was reported.

TV TOKYO Getsuyou Premiere8 "Saikoyou Keisatsukan 3"

【Broadcast Schedule】
12/13 (Mon.) 20:00 ~ 21:54

【TV Stations】

Hideki Takahashi

Yuika Motokariya

Yasufumi Hayashi
Sayaka Isoyama
Masahiro Sato
Akira Sasamoto

Ken Ishiguro

Shinya Kote
Yu Kamio
Konatsu Kato
Hayato Onozuka
Meikyo Yamada
Tamahei Hayashiya
Umi Yamano
Rie Tanaka
Natsuko Yakumaru
Maaya Murasaki

Yu Anekoji "Saikoyou Keisatsukan Kanpai Sousa" (Tokuma Bunko)

Masahiro Yoshimoto

Tatsuzo Inohara