【Coming in sequence from 11/20 (Sat.)!!】Details of the second J SOUL BROTHERS III crane game products unveiled!

The much-anticipated <second> batch of J SOUL BROTHERS III crane game products have come to amusement facilities around Japan from 11/20 (Sat.)!

Cushions featuring characters, tin badge holders, sitting plush toys and tote bags are rolled out in November!
There are abundant products as lovely as the first batch. Be sure to check them out!

■Rolled out in sequence from 11/20 (Sat.)
・Cushions featuring characters
・Tin badge holders

Cushions featuring characters are printed with characters' illustrations newly drawn by FuRyu!
The official goods such as tin badges can be put in tin badge holders. The members who are watching in secret are very cute!

■Rolled out in sequence from 11/26 (Fri.)
・Sitting plush toy
・Tote bag

The costumes of the sitting plush toys present again what the members wore in "100 SEASONS" released in June 2021!
The tote bags featuring an illustration of a solo member on the front and the group's illustration on the back are easy to carry with. They can carry A4-sized products!

You can visit FuRyu's official site "Chara Hiroba" for details about the designated stores and the products.

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