【On air from 20:00 every Friday from 1/14/2022 (Fri.)!】Kanta Sato appearing in TV TOKYO Friday night 8 p.m. drama "Chuzai Keiji Season 3"!

On air from 20:00 every Friday
from 1/14/2022 (Fri.)!

Kanta Sato will appear in TV TOKYO "Chuzai Keiji Season 3"!

In this work, "humanistic and hilarious episodes" are mixed with "murder cases in waves of mysteries" in the midst of the beautiful nature of Okutama.

Kanta Sato still plays Shohei Karube following the last work.

Be sure to watch this human suspense drama about the "relations and humanity" in the green Okutama!

◆Shohei Karube / Kanta Sato

He is a full-time special manager of Metropolitan Police Department 9th Headquarters in Okutama gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory.
He claims himself to be an elite.

◆Kanta Sato's Comment
I have been working on "Chuzai Keiji" for a long time. Thanks to other cast members, I developed an attachment to the role I play. It is a valuable experience to play the same role many times. I am happy about that. Also, I feel excited to meet other cast members with whom I previously played in Okutama. I think the charm of "Chuzai Keiji" lies in Okutama's scenery. Every time I came to Okutama, I was surrounded by the nature which lightened up my mood and perked me up. In the drama, you will also see many sceneries unique to Okutama. Plus, the charm of this drama lies in the humanistic stories between Enami played by Susumu Terajima and locals of Mizune in Okutama.
Season 3 will unveil the past of Karube whom I play, what kind of person he truly is and his aspirations. Hope you can look forward to it. Moreover, Karube and Izumi, played by the new regular cast member Mina Fujii, are rivals and argue with each other a lot. The lines and scenes were fun. Hope you will pay attention to those parts too. I think the charm of this drama lies in Okutama's scenery and relationships between the police and Mizune locals. I hope you will enjoy them as one of the highlights. During the filming for Chuzai Keiji, I felt the wonderfulness of the great nature once more. Hope you will be healed by the nature of Okutama. As it is a short drama with several stories, it is easy to watch. Hope you can enjoy it.

TV TOKYO Friday 8 p.m. drama "Chuzai Keiji Season 3"

【Broadcast Schedule】
From 20:00 every Friday
from 1/14/2022 (Fri.) (First broadcast: 2-hour special episode)

【Broadcast Stations】

【Lead Actor】
Susumu Terajima

Yukiya Kitamura, Yuko Fueki, Kanta Sato, Mina Fujii, Suzunosuke
Kenjiro Nashimoto, Yu Tokui, Yoshiyuki Yamaguchi, Seiran Kobayashi / Yoshie Ichige

Scriptwriters: Akihiro Tago Shingo Irie
Directors: Yoshinori Kobayashi Younosuke Minamoto, Tsuguhiro Motomura
Music: Kuniyuki Morohashi
Chief producer: Koichi Hamatani (TV TOKYO)
Producers: Masashi Abe (TV TOKYO) Tomoko Tanaka (TV TOKYO) Tsuguhiro Motomura (Totus Planning)
Production: TV TOKYO / Totus Planning
Original: Ryohei Sasamoto "Chuzai Keiji", "Chuzai Keiji One wo Wataru Kaze" (Both published by Kodansha.)

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