【iTunes】V.A. "Kinou Yori Akaku Ashita Yori Aoku -CINEMA FIGHTERS project-" Download Campaign to be held!

A campaign will be carried out on iTunes to mark the digital release of V.A. "Kinou Yori Akaku Ashita Yori Aoku -CINEMA FIGHTERS project-" on 11/26 (Fri.)!
Please carefully read the details and the notice about the campaign before making applications.

【Campaign Details】
10 winners selected by lottery from applicants who download V.A. album "Kinou Yori Akaku Ashita Yori Aoku -CINEMA FIGHTERS project-" from iTunes during the campaign period will get the pamphlets of the movie "Kinou Yori Akaku Ashita Yori Aoku" signed by GENERATIONS!

Please note that you need to purchase the album (purchasing all songs together) instead of purchasing songs one by one!

1. Download V.A. "Kinou Yori Akaku Ashita Yori Aoku -CINEMA FIGHTERS project-" from iTunes!
Click here for the album: https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/id1594383609?app=itunes&ls=1

2. Save the screenshot of "Kinou Yori Akaku Ashita Yori Aoku -CINEMA FIGHTERS project-" purchase completion page!
*Please attach the screenshot to your application in order to prove your purchase of the album (purchasing all songs together).

3. The application will be completed after you fill the required information in the application form and attach the screenshot!
Application Form: https://forms.gle/vJ1sftspPAV72oi69
*You need to apply via Google form. If it requires you to log in, please log in to your Google account and then fill in the necessary information.
*After you fill in the necessary information, please press the "send" button at the bottom of the form. Your application is completed if you see "We received your answers." message. We will not send you an application completion email.

【Campaign Period】
11/26/2021 (Fri.) ~ 12/9/2021 (Thu.) 23:59

【Lottery-based Prize】
Pamphlet of the movie "Kinou Yori Akaku Ashita Yori Aoku" signed by GENERATIONS for 10 winners chosen by lottery!

【Notice about the campaign】
*The personal information you fill in will be used only for identity verification of this campaign's winners.
*Your personal information will be permanently deleted after the campaign.
*Please note that only the application forms sent within the designated period are valid.
*If it is determined that there was an act of cheating such as the same person sending several applications from different accounts, the winning may be invalidated without prior notice.
*The information you fill in cannot be changed after sending. Only the information you send for the first time is valid even if you send the form multiple times.
*Your application will be invalid if your information is incomplete.

【Lottery Result Announcement】
・We will directly send prizes to winners.
・Please note that the prizes can be shipped only within Japan.
・The prizes are scheduled to be sent around February 2022. Please note that the prizes may be sent later than scheduled.

【Eligible Applicants】
・Those who agree with the notes listed above
・Those who live in Japan

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