【Notice on the extension of application period!】<EXILE TRIBE FAMILY×EXILE TRIBE mobile joint project> To mark the opening of GEKIDAN EXILE's show "JAM -The Recital-"!! Tote bags signed by all the GEKIDAN EXILE members to be given as presents!!

\GEKIDAN EXILE's show "JAM -The Recital-" Opening Celebration/
EXILE TRIBE FAMILY × EXILE TRIBE mobile joint project!

As the additional shows of GEKIDAN EXILE's show "JAM -The Recital-" to be held again, we decided to extend the application period of the ongoing joint project of EXILE TRIBE FAMILY & EXILE TRIBE mobile.

9 lucky winners will be chosen by lottery from members who keep supporting EXILE TRIBE FAMILY & EXILE TRIBE mobile! Each of them will get a tote bag signed by all the GEKIDAN EXILE members☆

We are looking forward to your applications!

【Application Requirements】
Those who meet the following two requirements
②EXILE TRIBE mobile member with a picture of a GEKIDAN EXILE member set as the avatar on MYPAGE

【How to apply】
Please make applications on the "EVENT & PRESENT" page of the EXILE TRIBE FAMILY site.

▼Click here to apply▼

【Application Deadline】
1/26/2022 (Wed.) 23:59

*One person can apply only once. You can change the application contents during the application period.
*Instead of announcing winners, we will directly send them the presents.
*If you are found reselling the presents, you may be asked to return your present and expelled from the fan club regardless of reasons. Moreover, you will not be able to participate in advance ticket lotteries and other events in the future.
*Those who meet the requirements at the time of the application deadline can make applications.

▼Click here to check your digital membership card number
*Please check the number starting with "TR". (Example) TR12345678