【Main poster, character photo and promo video unveiled!】Hayato Onozuka appearing in musical "Sidereus" to be presented from 6/17 (Fri.) to 6/30 (Thu.)!!

Musical "Sidereus"
featuring Hayato Onozuka
will be staged at JIYU Theatre from 6/17 (Fri.) to 6/30 (Thu.)!!

~A story of those who convey messages of the stars~

"The truth people firmly believe may not be true."
This is a story about Galileo, known as the "father of astronomy", and the young mathematician Kepler.

Two scholars who started to study "Heliocentrism", regarded as a taboo, in the 17th century and nun Maria, Galileo's daughter, spoke for the turmoil of the times while risking to do research in support of Heliocentrism.
Based on historical figures and true stories, it is a new work that incorporates the scriptwriter's imaginations.

Hayato Onozuka will appear in the hit musical "Sidereus" born in South Korea which will be staged at JIYU Theatre from 6/17 (Fri.)!

Shown for the first time in South Korea in April 2019, this work received wide acclaim from critics and viewers. "The stage, lighting and video are all fascinating.", "I feel like being in the universe." and "This is a work that gives courage to those who tell the truth when others blindly believes in lies."...

Apart from the performances in Japan, it will also be presented by Chinese actors and actresses in Shanghai in June. It is a popular musical throughout Asia.

This hit musical will be presented by 12 performers.
Characters in the story are Galileo, Kepler and Maria.
The musical which has three characters will be brought by 4 groups of cast members by turns.

Hayato Onozuka will play "Kepler" in 【Orion Performance】 who suggested a research plan to young mathematician Galileo from Germany.

A total of 15 songs will create a mysterious and dreamlike atmosphere on the stage and tell a magnificent story full of starlight, romance and warmth.

The musical "Sidereus" depicts a wonderful story
that encourages people who devote themselves to something without being limited by "common sense" and want to live in this way!

Be sure to enjoy it at the theatre!

▼Character Photo▼

Hayato Onozuka / Young German mathematician Kepler
Nun Maria received a letter from her father Galileo. In the letter, he asked her to burn a letter hidden in his room.
The sender of that letter was an unfamiliar man, Kepler.
In 1598, it was believed that the sun went around the earth. Mathematician Galileo who served as a teacher in a university in Italy got the suggestion from German mathematician Kepler to study the universe using a book named "The Secrets of the Universe".
Galileo turned down Kepler many times but owing to the persuasion of tenacious Kepler, he started research to prove that Kepler's hypothesis was false.
Under this circumstance, he drew a conclusion that if he got the evidence of "Heliocentrism", which was taboo even to mention, this ridiculous hypothesis may be correct...

Musical "Sidereus"
【Performance Schedule】
6/17 (Fri.) ~ 6/30 (Thu.)
*16 shows in total

JIYU Theatre in Tokyo

【Original / Lyrics】
Baek Seung-woo

【Music / Lyrics】
Lee You Jeong

【Cast (Characters)】
Galileo: Kazuaki Ishii/Taiyo Ayukawa/Yuki Izawa/Takuma Zaiki
Kepler: Hayato Onozuka/Keisuke Kaminaga/Kodai Yoshida/Syounen T (Tomohisa Sako)
Maria: Yui Ishikawa /Kanon Nanaki/Karin Isobe/Maho Tomita

★Three-person play / 4 groups of cast members
<Orion>Kazuaki Ishii/Hayato Onozuka/Yui Ishikawa
<Pegasus>Taiyo Ayukawa/Keisuke Kaminaga/Kanon Nanaki
<Perseus>Yuki Izawa/Kodai Yoshida/Karin Isobe
<Cassiopeia>Takuma Zaiki/Syounen T (Tomohisa Sako)/Maho Tomita

■Scriptwriter & Director of Japanese Version: Tetsu Taoshita
■Japanese Translation / Lyrics Translation: Yuko Yasuda
■Music Director: Makoto Miyazaki
■Singing Instructor: Rie Imaizumi
■Assistant Producer: Mirai Tsubata
■Producer: Mina Ishizu
■Executive Producer: Masanori Iemura
■Organizer / Planning / Production: LDH JAPAN

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