【Episode 11 to be available for watching from 00:00 on 5/20 (Fri.)】Kaisei Takechi and Makoto Hasegawa appearing as guests on "EXILE NUDE", a travel program hosted by Kenchi Tachibana and exclusively streamed on Hulu!!

Travel program "EXILE NUDE" hosted by Kenchi Tachibana will bare (denude) the souls of the EXILE TRIBE members.
The guests of Episode 11 (to be exclusively streamed on 5/20 (Fri.) and Episode 12 (to be exclusively streamed on 6/3 (Fri.)) are Kaisei Takechi and Makoto Hasegawa!

"EXILE NUDE" is a travel program where the EXILE TRIBE members will appear as guests in each episode and travel around Japan while enjoying "food / sake / sauna".
Don't miss the hot talks that can only be heard during journeys away from daily life!

In Episode 11 and 12, you will see their trip to Aichi which will expose 100% of their "unknown true thoughts" about the members, the formation of the group and their future goals...!

Be sure to check it out!


【Streaming Schedule】
Episode 11: To be exclusively streamed from 00:00 on 5/20 (Fri.)
Episode 12: To be exclusively streamed from 00:00 on 6/3 (Fri.)

Host: Kenchi Tachibana
Guests: Kaisei Takechi and Makoto Hasegawa (THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE)

【Streaming Platform】

*Please note that streaming schedule and other details are subject to change.

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