【Shohei Urakawa appearing as a guest!!】Zin appearing on TOKYO FM "JUMP UP MELODIES supported by GinzaSonyPark", on air from 13:00 on 5/27 (Fri.)!

On air from 13:00 to 14:55 every Friday!
Zin serves as the MC for TOKYO FM "JUMP UP MELODIES supported by GinzaSonyPark" (Tokyo area)!

Regular member-to-be Shohei Urakawa will appear as a guest on 5/27 (Fri.)!

Be sure to check it out!

TOKYO FM "JUMP UP MELODIES supported by GinzaSonyPark"
(Tokyo area)

■Broadcast Schedule
5/27 (Fri.) 13:00 ~ 14:55
Osamu Suzuki, Zin & Shohei Urakawa

Osamu Suzuki, a famous scriptwriter keeping creating excellent works, and Zin, a leader of THE RAMPAGE, started a new music program.
With the help of Spotify which provides music streaming service, the two will present you the top 20 songs (from 20 to 1), streaming of which has skyrocketed this week, from the satellite studio TOKYO FM | Ginza Sony Park Studio converted from a trailer house (Airstream) in Ginza Sony Park (*).
The 20 popular songs that gathered a lot of attention will help you "recharge" after a hard-working week at work or school.
Famous guests will appear live only on this program to present you wonderful content that you want to enjoy right now!
Get fully "recharged" and "updated" on Friday noon to have a fulfilling weekend!

*In order to prevent the spread of the new type of coronavirus infection, TOKYO FM has cancelled all the open live broadcasts from TOKYO FM | Ginza Sony Park Studio. The program will be broadcast live from TOKYO FM Earth Gallery in Hanzomon. As for the time when the open live broadcasts will be held as usual, we will announce the details at a later date.

■Official Homepage