【Main poster unveiled!!】To be streamed from early August!! Z Drama's third love mockumentary "Yarinaoshitai First Kiss" starring Yusei Yagi

Z Drama's third love mockumentary
"Yarinaoshitai First Kiss"
starring Yusei Yagi
will be streamed from early August!!

Z Drama's third love mockumentary "Yarinaoshitai First Kiss" starring Yusei Yagi will be streamed on TVer, Hulu and YouTube from early August!

Six women who want to start over their first kisses present themselves to Ren Sonomiya (Yusei Yagi) who lives in a share house together with them.
Who will touch Ren's heartstring and have her first kiss again?

"Yarinaoshitai First Kiss" is also a live-streamed program that appears in Z Drama Part 2 "Bakayarou no Kiss"
Three idiots will start a big summer adventure with disturbed hearts via the live-streamed program "Yarinaoshitai First Kiss".
Please enjoy the super contents jointly presented by the two dramas!

■Ren Sonomiya / Yusei Yagi
21 years old / A college student studying at a very famous private school / Actor
As a perfect person, he is handsome, clever and good at sports.

◆Yusei Yagi's Comment◆
<What do you think after knowing you will play a lead role in love mockumentary "Yarinaoshitai First Kiss"?>
I was very happy to appear in drama "Yarinaoshitai First Kiss" which is associated with other dramas.
Since it is an element only for the present, I think there are many points to make younger generations enjoy it more.
I will try my best to make it a good work!

<Is there anything you expect from the shooting with other cast members?>
There are improvisational performances. I expect to create parts that aren't drawn in the drama with my words on the spot!

<Please express your passion for "Yarinaoshitai First Kiss" to all viewers.>
I will endeavor to film with other cast members and all staff to present a realistic work, the development of which viewers can expect, like the work that is released actually. Please look forward to it!

Is it the love by acting or acting this for love.

Do you remember your first kiss?
The best first kiss or the worst first kiss

The first kiss that you want to start over
This is a love mockumentary
where six women and one man were gather in a share house
and play the roles they are endowed with while living together.

There are various reasons, motivations and backgrounds
to appear on this program.

The woman who was selected at last
goes on a journey to rewrite her experience of the first kiss.

Their answers to love which are concluded from the 30-day life of living together are...

Z Drama's third love mockumentary "Yarinaoshitai First Kiss"

【Broadcast Schedule】
To be aired from early August 2022 

【Streaming Media Platforms】
TVer, Hulu, YouTube, Nittele TADA

Yusei Yagi
Natsuki Deguchi
Miyu Honda
Myra Arai
Hohomi Nasu
Amu Fukao

【Planning & Producer】
Tsutomu Suzuki


【Production Cooperation】

【Theme Song】
Kubo Aoi "Katappo no Kokoro" (prod. Hiroki Ueno)

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It is a project that presents the worldview of the drama by free forms including social media, music, live streaming, movies and stage plays regardless of media or shooting methods with the concept of "Cheering for Generation Z".

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Official Homepage: https://www.ntv.co.jp/firstkiss/
Twitter: @z_drama_ntv
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