【Program trailer unveiled!!】MBS/TBS Dramaism "WHAT SIX SURVIVORS TOLD..." featuring Reo Sano starting airing on terrestrial television from 8/10 (Wed.)!

Reo Sano will appear on
MBS/TBS Dramaism
which will start airing from 8/10 (Wed.)!
MBS: Every Wednesday 00:59~
TBS: Every Wednesday 01:28~

Program Trailer

The original work "WHAT SIX SURVIVORS TOLD..." is being serialized in Harta (KADOKAWA).
"Who will survive!? Who will become lovers!?"
While depicting classic zombies through "character composition" and "closed space", the comic also presents unpredictable love like a dating variety show! Such a gap has attracted a lot of attention and made this comic very popular!

Reo Sano will act as a company owner named Renren!

A pandemic is spreading throughout Chiba Prefecture in Japan! The drama begins with an aircraft arriving at Narita Airport!
Men and women escape to a shopping mall since the city is full of zombies! They are caught in an unpredictable whirlpool of love due to the suspension bridge effect and their earnest feeling that "I want to fall in love now!" in such an extreme situation...!
What these unique characters with distinct personalities find in this closed space is not a way to repel zombies... but a utopia where they can live happily with friends!?
Each of them has a "secret" and they will enjoy their life in this "paradise" for a limited time--.

How will the "romance in share house" develop in the shopping mall surrounded by zombies and what are their secrets that gradually become clear...!?
This romantic comedy containing elements of survival challenge in an extreme situation and a lot of happiness will directly bring new feelings to "Gen Z"!

A poster has been unveiled!
In the poster with the backdrop of the food court in the shopping mall which is the main stage, Riri (played by Hiyori Sakurada) is confused for being surrounded by people who enjoy time-limited utopia with high enthusiasm...!
This work depicts a happier and more colorful "moratorium" than ever before, which is different from the past zombie elements.
Of these nine, who will be the "six survivors" and whom will they fall in love with...!
Please pay attention to the development of the share house love that is not constrained by couple relationships and the development of ups and downs that unfold from episode 1!

◆Renren: Reo Sano
A man running a company
From his experience of serving as a charming CEO, we can see he is like a leader who often thinks about the management policy of communal living.
However, he is somehow a little suspicious.
He is rational in his actions but sometimes ruthless.

【Reo Sano's Comment】
It has been a long time since I appeared in a drama last time. I am very excited since the original work is a comic.
As the director of this work, Ken Ninomiya is a great director born in the Heisei era. I used to go to theatres to watch his works, so it is a great honor for me who is a fan of him to work with him.
I think this work is really entertaining and I will do my best to make it more exciting!!!

The pandemic that happened in Chiba is the beginning of everything---.
Riri Mizukami (Hiyori Sakurada) encounters infected people on the way back from the softball club.
After she escapes to a shelter with other club members, they find new infected people appear. Although she successfully survives, she becomes completely exhausted.
When she wakes up, she finds that she is in a shopping mall in Makuhari---.

Young men and women of different ages and professions are trapped there and live a happy and "special" life.
What awaits outside is a hell full of zombies.
However, the shopping mall is a safe place full of supplies.

The idea "I want to fall in love now!" that they have in such an extreme situation and complex relationships between them...
Who can survive? Who will become lovers in the end---?
Their indistinct true intention and love pattern in an extreme situation! It is a hilarious romantic comedy containing elements of survival challenge!

【Still of Episode 1】

【Program Info】

【Broadcast Schedule】
Starting airing on terrestrial television from 8/10 (Wed.)
MBS: Every Wednesday 00:59~
TBS: Every Wednesday 01:28~

【Number of Episodes】
6 episodes in total

【Catch-up Service】
TVer & MBS Dougaizm & GYAO!

Kazune Yamamoto "WHAT SIX SURVIVORS TOLD..." (published by Harta Comics/KADOKAWA)

Hiyori Sakurada
Yurika Nakamura
Yuki Kura
Akari Takaishi
Arisa Yagi
Kosuke Tanaka
Maika Sasaki (=LOVE)
Yusuke Onuki

【Director & Scriptwriter】
Ken Ninomiya ("Mayonaka Otome Senso", "Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou", "Chiwawa" and more)

【Opening Song】
FEMM "THE SIX" (FEMM's Agency Syndicate)

【Ending Song】

st'blue ("Underdog", "Inubu", "100 Yen Love" and more)

Yuna Kamiura (MBS), Sho Sejima (st'blue)

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Instagram: dramaism_mbs
Twitter: @dramaism_mbs
TikTok: drama_mbs

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