【New concept photos unveiled!!】Digitally released on 4/1/2024 (Mon.)!! Ryuji Imaichi's "REALLY LOVE"

Ryuji Imaichi's "REALLY LOVE"
\New concept photos unveiled!!/

Ryuji Imaichi's new song "REALLY LOVE" has been digitally released on 4/1/2024 (Mon.)!
With an impressive chorus in the light melody by Xansei & Will Jay, "REALLY LOVE" is a song that allows you to feel relaxed as an adult.

The lyrics contain the meaning of "do what you really want to do and enjoy life to the fullest.
Never forget the feeling of feeling like a rock star and continuing to dream.". The flame in the heart of the cover design indicates such a strong will.

Be sure to check it out!

Digitally released on 4/1/2024 (Mon.)!!
Ryuji Imaichi's digital single

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