2nd batch of collaboration accessories designed by accessory brand "Infaction" and Itsuki Fujiwara to be sold!

Due to the wide acclaim of the collaboration accessories designed by the accessory brand "Infaction" and Itsuki Fujiwara, the 2nd batch of products will be sold!

A new spring / summer collection shining in pink gold has been created.
There are five products with the idea of "being worn by as many people as possible".

The main characteristic is the fresh pink gold, which is in contrast to the serious designs of the 1st batch of products, featuring black pearls.
Here come accessories in exquisite colors and refined shapes & sizes which embody the designs of Itsuki Fujiwara who "attempted repeatedly while being at a loss".

The products will be sold in advance in the official online store from 12:00 on 4/10 (Wed.)!
Be sure to check them out!!

【Advance Pre-order Period】
4/10 (Wed.) 12:00 ~ 4/16 (Tue.)

【General Sales】
Around mid-June (tentative)

【Advance Pre-order Bonus Items】
・Stainless steel mirrors with the brand's logo will be given to all purchasers.
・Each purchaser who spends no less than 15,000 yen (tax included) on the products will receive a booklet using undisclosed photos with a handwritten message from Itsuki Fujiwara and his autograph.
・Discount sets provided for a limited period

【Official Site】

【Official Social Media】
・Instagram: @infaction_official
・Twitter: @infaction_jp
・TikTok: @infaction_official
・LINE: https://lin.ee/K8scrHd