To those who always support Kenchi Tachibana

It is Kenchi Tachibana.
Thanks for your constant support for EXILE, EXILE THE SECOND and LDH.

I have personal news to share here. On October 1, I married the lady whom I have been in a romantic relationship with for a long time.

In terms of activities I have experienced in the entertainment world so far, some made me happy and some were challenging for me.
Every time I run into a wall, she always support me in a gentle way. She is an irreplaceable person to me.
Though I am not mature enough, I want to have a family and grow into a real man to repay people who helped me.

What waiting for me next year is the important LDH PERFECT YEAR. I hope all of us can make a thorough preparation and deliver the best entertainment to people who have been looking forward to it.

I hope for your warm support in the future.

Kenchi Tachibana