【E-girls】~★Released on digital music services today★~ New song "So many stars" released on 7/5 (Sun.)!!

new song "So many stars"
is available on digital music services from 7/5 (Sun.)!!

The new song "So many stars" performed on "E-girls PERFECT LIVE 2011▶️2020" and the live streaming event with no spectators on 3/26 (Thu.)
was released on digital music services today, 7/5 (Sun.)!

The new song carries the thoughts of the 11 E-girls members on the path they walked so far
and their gratitude to all fans who support them all along.
This medium tempo ballad depicts hopes and dreams for the new journey and the future!

On the cover photo, the 11 brightest stars on the night sky
represent the 【miracle】 gathering these 11 members.
It is a beautiful cover with a deep meaning!

Be sure to check it out!!

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