【Episode 1 on air on YouTube from 18:00 on 9/2 (Mon.)!!】Makoto Hasegawa appearing in the 2nd work "Shujinko" by video-making group "INDIEZ"!

Episode 1 will be on air on YouTube from 18:00 on 9/2/2019 (Mon.)!!
Makoto Hasegawa will appear in the 2nd work "Shujinko" by video-making group "INDIEZ"!

The 2nd work vividly depicts the story of a university student who is no longer a child but not yet an adult.

Makoto Hasegawa plays Yujiro Ikeda.

Trailer of YouTube drama "Shujinko" by INDIEZ

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【Broadcast Schedule】
Episode 1 (6 episodes in total) to be aired on YouTube from 18:00 on 9/2/2019 (Mon.)

Fuju Kamio / Akira Onodera / Ayaka Konno / Yuzu Aoki / Miku Uehara / Yuki Ogoe
Kaoru Wakabayashi / Natsuki Deguchi / Eito Konishi / Taisei Kido / Takayuki Hamatsu / Makoto Hasegawa and others

Naoto Morinaga

【Theme Song / Music】
Chippoke Ohashi / Sho Kurashina (GOOD BYE APRIL)

【Director & Producer】


What does it mean to become an adult?
Becoming a university student...
It is the turning point of your life and just one step close to becoming an adult.
Future, love life and work...
You are full of worries because of a succession of encounters and farewells.
What would an adult do? How to be an adult? There are no right answers. The answers vary from person to person.
The world will not change if you do not exist. You are not indispensable...
Sometimes you just think too hard and feel worried.

However, everyone is the protagonist of their own life.
Various kinds of "life" protagonists gather up and form this world.

This is a story of a university student with the ability called "empathy"
who together with his friends faces various kinds of problems and difficulties on his way to becoming an adult.
At the turning point of their lives, they grow continuously while searching for answers.


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